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About Us: ThatWasEZ

ThatWasEz co-founders Chris Whelan and Kevin McCarron, each with 20+ years experience, have been working together (mostly in WordPress) and looking for an all-in-one platform to offer the next level of ease and affordability to clients, while still making websites and marketing truly customized and accountable to their business objectives.

Wix, boom, bam. They found the EZ platform they needed in Wix, and was born.


Kevin McCarron

Business development guide, digital craftsman, designer, and project leader - translating technical complexity into meaningful interactions for businesses, customers, and communities.

"I am a design practitioner with a conscious focus on user experience, creative/content balance, and measurable goal achievement."

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Chris Whelan

Marketing strategist, market analyst, writer, product developer, SEO and PPC expert for getting clients in front of the prospects who are looking for them, with messaging that engages.


"We are in this life and world for the one purpose of connecting for good. The internet can be our most powerful tool to that purpose, when handled responsibly."

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